About Sauter GmbH

As one of the leading control suppliers of automation technology, we have placed ourselves at the service of our customers since 1972.

With a broad service spectrum, we provide high quality solutions for the concrete industry. From planning expertise and software development to well complete commissioning, our customers receive comprehensive services from a single competent supplier.

Many successful enterprises around the world place their trust in our services.

Today the company ranks among the leading manufacturers of control systems in the mixing and dosing industry. A very customer-oriented way of thinking and the highest standards of quality guarantee our success. Far more than 1700 controls from our company are in over 35 countries around the world in action. For over fifty years, we have been manufacturing machine and plant control systems in conventional, PLC, BUS and in the proven and very reliable PC technology. We take individuality of our customers as a matter of course. All products are exactly adapted to customer needs.

Based on our longstanding expertise and a thorough analysis of the specific requirements we are able to offer customized solutions for our customers. Through the use of Sauter controls you can fully concentrate on your core business. Complete solutions with the right amount of technical progress, and all this from one source, are important factors for a secure future.

Competence and experience write a 50-year success story

Foundation of Sauter & Sehn GdR

On June 5, 1972, the company founder Kurt Sauter, together with Mr. Georg Sehn, begins in a garage workshop with the production of controls that are completely geared to the needs of the customers and are characterized by a simple and economical functioning. Right from the start all developed solutions were made with the current state of technology whereby Sauter control units set standards for the future.

New business premises

Due to the steadily growing company, the move from Klettgau-Geißlingen to rented business premises in Wutöschingen took place.

Computer technology arrives

With the involvement of computer technology and the establishment of its own software department, intelligent systems for a wide variety of industrial applications could now also be produced and supplied from 1980 onwards. Consistently aligned to the interests of the customers, the hardware and associated software were developed in-house itself.

Anniversary 10 years

Due to the trend-setting further development of its own hardware and software, Sauter GmbH was able to celebrate its 10th anniversary in July 1982.

Well-deserved retirement

On 31.12.1985 Mr. Georg Sehn was adopted into well-deserved retirement.

Sole owner

From 01.01.1986 Sauter & Sehn GbR was managed by Kurt Sauter as sole owner.

Renaming and change of leadership

In 1989, Dipl. Ing. Werner Schmid is appointed as a further managing director At the same time, the company is renamed Sauter + Schmid GmbH. The business of the GmbH is now run by Kurt Sauter and Dipl. Ing. Werner Schmid geleitet.

Integration of other shareholders

In 1989, the two sons, Gerhard and Detlef Sauter, were integrated as further shareholders.

Relocation to a new company building

The company grows with the increasing customer demand and so in May 1991 the move to the new company building takes place.
The newly created building provided enough space for the employee. In response to the constant changes in technology and customer requirements Both , we have developed our range of services.

Anniversary 25 years

Sauter + Schmid GmbH celebrates its 25th birthday in July 1997. The company can look back on successful years of continuous growth. Founded in 1972 by Kurt Sauter and Georg Sehn, the company is today an established provider of innovative products and solutions in the concrete industry. Behind the success are our employees, who advance the company with their distinctive industry knowledge and personal commitment.

Sauter GmbH
Name change and change of leadership

Mr. Dipl. Ing. Werner Schmid leaves the Sauter + Schmidt GmbH on 01.10.1997. At the same time, the company is renamed Sauter GmbH. From October 1997, Kurt Sauter, Detlef Sauter and Gerhard Sauter will provide the new generation of managers.

Handover and change of leadership

After many successful years, Kurt Sauter stepped back from an active role in the business in 2000. Before leaving, he handed over responsibility for the company to his two sons Detlef and Gerhard Sauter.

healthy growth

Sauter GmbH has spent a lot of time on this, but has also been very lucky in filling the most important positions with good employees.
Beginning 2017 the Sauter GmbH confer to the two employees Tobias Schmidt and Christian Weidner representative with power of attorney. Somit wird ein weiteres gesundes Wachstum in den nächsten Jahren gewährleistet und sichert somit den beschäftigten Mitarbeitern den Arbeitsplatz.
We believe that good employees make an important contribution to the success of a company.

Sauter GmbH mourns the loss of Georg Sehn

On 30.06.2018 the company founder and former owner Georg Sehn dies at the age of 93. Deeply affected, Sauter GmbH bids farewell to the company's formative personality.

New generation
New generation of leaders

On the basis of the strategic orientation of the company and with regard to the targeted continuation of the company, Sauter GmbH is taking a big step towards the future. The former Sauter GmbH handed over all current and future business to the newly founded Sauter GmbH on June 1, 2021. Significant changes are that the previous management team, the two managing partners and owners, Detlef and Gerhard Sauter, will welcome two new partners, Tobias Schmidt and Christian Weidner. In the future, the newly founded Sauter GmbH will consist of four managing partners and owners with equal rights.

Anniversary 50 years

In 2022, Sauter GmbH will celebrate its 50th anniversary.
Tobias Schmidt, Christian Weidner, Detlef and Gerhard Sauter, like to look back on the successful years: "It is impressive to see the dynamic with which Sauter GmbH has developed and optimized itself from a small company to one of the leading companies in the industry".
The long-standing success is based to a large extent on the commitment and team spirit of the Sauter GmbH employees.

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