General information

Gladly, we offer support directly on your computer. For this purpose, you can arrange an appointment with us on which we shall execute the online session. With the help of the TeamViewer QuickSupport software, the Sauter GmbH service team can view your screen directly on request. By means of the TeamViewer QuickSupport software the Lasercomb service team is able to directly access your screen on your request.


  1. Without your explicit consent the consultant will not be able to look into your computer
  2. Without your explicit consent the consultant will not be able to work together with you.
  3. No third-party programs will be installed on your PC.
  4. Retrieving data unauthorized and unperceived is not possible
  5. You can end the session at any time.

TeamViewer exclusion of liability

You are about to open a shared session with a support member from Sauter GmbH.

Note: By launching the TeamViewer software you agree to the exclusion of liability for the use of TeamViewer.

Exclusion of liability for the use of TeamViewer

The Sauter GmbH does not provide any guarantee for the installed programs on your computer or their protection systems. The customer only is responsible for his data security. Backups on a regular basis and an up-to-date antivirus programs are preconditioned.
Lasercomb assumes no liability for disturbances which were not caused by us, even though they occur close to the time of support.
With this download you agree to the stipulations of online support and start the download of TeamViewer QuickSupport software.

Download Link – TeamViewer for QuickSupport for PC Systems

Download Link – Teamviewer for Android mobile devices