s-work • user-application

Effective communication is based on a functional infrastructure. This can be achieved with s-work • user-application

Master data maintenance with s-work user application

With s-work user application you bring data sets up to speed. In order not to interfere with the mixing and dosing process during production, there are options for additional workstations for master data maintenance and statistical evaluations.

  • network solutions
  • dispsitions workplace
  • factory workstation
  • plant-manager workstation
  • production-manager workstation
  • vehicle guidance system
  • displays in crew cabins
  • Second workstation for master data maintenance
  • Relief of the operating personnel
  • Goods Receipts & Components Inventory Management
  • Production statistics
  • Error Management
  • Logbook
  • Diary
  • Order entry
  • Energy management
  • Maintenance book & maintenance texts
  • Operating hours counter
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