In the Year 1972 the company founders Mr. Kurt Sauter and Mr. Georg Sehn started with a small garage-workshop to assemble control units which are aligned completley to the needs of their customers and characterized by a simple and economic function mode. Right from the start all developed solutions were made with the current state of technology whereby Sauter control units set standards for the future. In the year 1978 an important step towards a bright future was taken.

Because of the development in the area of computer engineering and the establishment of an own software division, intelligent systems for various industrial applications could also be produced and delivered. Consistently aligned to the interests of the customers, the hardware and associated software were developed in-house itself. The company is growing with the increasing customer demand, and thus in 1990 the company moved into new premises.

The newly created building provided enough space for the employee. In response to the constant changes in technology and customer requirements Both , we have developed our range of services.

After many successful years, Kurt Sauter stepped back from an active role in the business in 2000. Before leaving, he handed over responsibility for the company to his two sons Detlef and Gerhard Sauter.
The two managing directors manage the company since the year 2000 with much dedication and know-how.

Beginning 2017 the Sauter GmbH confer to the two employees Tobis Schmidt and Christian Weidner representative with power of attorney.
They will ensure a healthy growth in the next few years and employed staff ensure the workplace.

Today the company ranks among the leading manufacturers of control systems in the mixing and dosing industry. A very customer-oriented way of thinking and the highest standards of quality guarantee our success. Far more than 1700 controls from our company are in over 35 countries around the world in action. For over forty years we have manufactured machinery and plant controls in conventional, PLC and BUS technology as well as in the proven and highly reliable computer technology. We take individuality of our customers as a matter of course. All products are exactly adapted to customer needs.

Based on our longstanding expertise and a thorough analysis of the specific requirements we are able to offer customized solutions for our customers. Through the use of Sauter controls you can fully concentrate on your core business. Complete solutions with the right amount of technical progress, and all this from one source, are important factors for a secure future.